DeepPy: Deep learning in Python

DeepPy is a MIT licensed deep learning framework. DeepPy tries to add a touch of zen to deep learning as it

  • Allows for Pythonic programming based on NumPy’s ndarray.
  • Has a small and easily extensible codebase.
  • Runs on CPU or Nvidia GPUs (thanks to CUDArray).
  • Implements the following network architectures.
  • Feedforward networks
  • Convnets
  • Siamese networks
  • Autoencoders

Note: DeepPy is by no means a mature project and should be considered WIP.

Getting started

We recommend you taking the following steps.

  1. Follow the installation guide.
  2. Play around with the examples.
  3. Browse the API documentation.
  4. Contribute your own work.